Bruce Hardwood

Find Bruce Hardwood in Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet of Colorado Springs

Bruce hardwood floors offers premium hardwood and laminate flooring in the largest selection of colors and styles, virtually care-free finishes and our assurance of quality.
Bruce laminate brings the luxury of global hardwoods, hand-sculpted exotic visuals and natural stone to any room in your home.

Product Line

American Originals Hickory - Hickory

American Originals Maple - Maple

American Originals Oak - Red Oak

American Treasures - Hickory

Brushed Impressions - Hickory

Brushed Impressions - White Oak

Dundee Plank - Red Oak

Dundee Plank - White Oak

Dundee Strip - Red Oak

Dundee Strip - White Oak

Frontier - Birch

Frontier - Hickory

Fulton LG Strip - Red Oak Color Line

Fulton LG Strip - White Oak Color Line

Fulton Plank - Red Oak Color Line

Fulton Plank - White Oak Color Line

Fulton Strip - Red Oak

Fulton Strip - White Oak

Kennedale Prestige Plank - Maple

Kennedale Strip - Maple

Laurel Strip - Red Oak

Legacy Manor - Hickory

Manchester Strip & Plank - Red Oak

Natural Choice - Red Oak

Natural Choice - White Oak

Signature Scrape - Oak

Springdale Plank - Oak

Turlington 3" Plank - Oak

Turlington 5" Plank - Maple

Turlington 5" Plank - Oak

Turlington American Exotics - Birch

Turlington American Exotics - Cherry

Turlington American Exotics - Hickory

Turlington American Exotics - Maple

Turlington American Exotics - Walnut

Turlington Lock&Fold - Cherry

Turlington Lock&Fold - Hickory

Turlington Lock&Fold - Maple

Turlington Lock&Fold - Oak

Turlington Lock&Fold - Walnut

Turlington Signature Series - Northern Red Oak

Turlington Signature Series - White Oak

Turlington Signature Series - Yellow Birch

Waltham Plank - Red Oak Color Line

Waltham Plank - White Oak

Waltham Strip - Red Oak Color Line

Waltham Strip - White Oak

Westchester Plank - Red Oak

Westchester Plank - White Oak

Westchester Strip - Red Oak

Westchester Strip - White Oak
2540 S. Academy Blvd. # 114
Colorado Springs, CO 80916